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Oakville, ON,
Outdoor Installation, 
Thread on Rock,  
6 ft. x 4 ft.
International World of Threads Fiber Art Festival 
November 2012 

Migrational Landscapes examines the movements of peoples through
history from the split of the continents to present days times.As Canada
continues to grow and redefine its identity as a meeting point of cultures
and nations, this movement and the interconnections it creates amongst
disparate communities heightens. Additionally, this process based work asks viewers to question our shifting relationship with nature and the production of goods in the context of our globalized world.

Borrowing on the concept of quilting and knitting circles the work has
been produced by various hands over a series of sessions that brought
together individuals of various ages, genders and cultural background.
The goal: to create strengthened human connections, and to promote
meaningful discussions and sharing of ideas, all the while challenging
the speed of our typical daily lives.